Pictured from Left to Right  Theode Scott                                 Tony Johnson & Johnny Bretz       
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The Love Game Album Pictured below  has sky Rocketed as one of the top Highest Aor Recordings of all time.... selling as high as $223. 50 on ebay in the United States, and as high as $253 Euro Dollars in Europe and Germany, and even higher in Japan. Theode Scott's Music simply said touches people !!!  Johnny Bretz the original Drummer for Theode Scott played on the debut album- Theode Scott says of Johny - he just kicks butt period.
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 Pictured Above Left is Mark "Thunderfoot" Dickerhoof , Theode Scott, Fred Betschen and Mike Hobbs.. from Mark Recording in Clarence, New York. During a loud playback in the studio of the song Vast Destruction for the Best of Theode Scott... Mark, did a great job on the Drums.  During the playback we all went nuts...so much fun !!!  We still play with Mark, as the memories that we shared will always be before us for God !!!

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